Saturday, June 21, 2008

Honey do list

We had to pick on of the hottest day's to accomplish it but it is done, well for the most part. The #1 on the honey do list was the garage. We have a three car garage and only the van fit before today. We still had boxes from moving, old chairs, all the kids outdoor stuff, you name it.

One of the parts of Kevin's job is to deploy, but with that means gear issues. Every time he deploys they issue him both cold and hot weather gear. Kevin rejoined the military April of 2000 and has been deployed 5 times since then. The problem is that he uses maybe 1/4 of the stuff they issue him, plus then you consider all the BDU's (battle dress uniform) we buy at least 4 set a year and 4 sets of DCU's (desert combat uniform) issued every deployment. Needless to say we have at least 4 big tubs of stuff! So after a couple of hours of sorting we are down to one big tub of useful work stuff, one tub of keepsake certificates, plaques and such, a big bag of rain and cold weather gear for future use once he is retired, and three trash bags of items to be disposed of .

The garage now can hold his car, my van and all our stuff all neatly organized!

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