Friday, December 18, 2009

Life happens!

Wow where does the time go? It has been way to long since either of us has written. With two children in school and a very active toddler my days are gone before I even have a chance to open my eyes!

We are all doing very good, Cassie is loving 2nd grade and all the fun that comes with learning how to add and subtract two digit numbers, reading, music class, computer lab & library days. If you were to look for Cassie in our house the first stop would be the sofa or her room behind a book, she loves to read!

Kira is loving kindergarten and doing very well also. She is starting to read a few words and can sound out just as many. She loves to color and play the computer.

Josiah will soon be two and I can't believe it. He is growing up so fast and learning new words everyday, motorcycle are no longer "GO" they are cycles. He is totally into trains these days and will spot one from miles away.

Kevin is busy with work. We are very thankful that he will be in the same country with us this year as Christmas, in fact he even has it off! I am staying busy trying to keep up with my three children and the everyday household responsibilities, as well has being the Co-Coordinator of our churches new MOPS group.

Our hope for you this Christmas season would be that you can really enjoy the true meaning of the season. To know that God loves you and he sent his son to earth that first Christmas night to be the savior of the world, to grow up and die for OUR sins.

Merry Christmas,